The Ivy Gate

Katherine Townsend has to save the world.
Only a week ago, she would have laughed at the thought. Her father was dead. Her friends and boyfriend had left town for college. Greatness would never be for her. She remained at home, with her mother, watching life pass her by.

Until she found the gate.

Now, the very life she took for granted is in danger, as are the lives of those she had ever loved.
For behind the gate is another world, and a race begging for her help. This world—a mirror of her own—exists on a plane above the earth.
She is warned that another world, with another, “evil” race, exists below. All three worlds had been kept safely apart. For a time.

The worlds are spiraling together, and in a matter of days, they will merge. The end is near and Katherine, by fate or chance, is the only one with the power to save them all. Which could make her the perfect weapon.
Both races want her. Both tell different truths and histories. Maybe the merging is just what everyone needs. Is she willing to die trying to save a world that works so well without her?
Or will she stand by once more, in hopes that maybe, this time, things will work out on their own?

* * * * *

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