Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little updates, before the BIG updates

Oh friends, what a crazy few weeks it's been.

After a good year of feeling like I was smashing my head against a brick wall, I think I've finally broken through. Either that, or life took pity on me, removed the wall, and plans on bringing it back in a few months. Either way, I'm content. Things are moving in big ways, and all the hard work is starting to pay off.

I spent the last weekend teaching circus arts at the Edinburgh Aerial and Acrobalance Convention (EAAC). I taught about four hours a day and trained the rest of the time. I can't really move right now. BUT! I got to play on a bungee trapeze, flip around on a static cloudswing, climb a Chinese pole, and learn handstand basics. I also spent the evenings with lovely friends. At one point, sitting on the patio of a cafe, watching the drunk acrobats juggle and the Icelanders teaching my friend dirty phrases, I realized that yes, this really was my life. And yes, I plan on keeping this whole circus lifestyle an integral part of it.
Other highlights: nights out and in with my Irish friends/flatmates. Watching the sun rise of Edinburgh's skyline. Morning coffee at the Black Medicine Coffee Co. And realizing I get to do this again next year.

In other news, I fly back to America October 9th. Yeah. To be perfectly honest, I'm actually looking forward to it. I move to Seattle the following month. There, I'll be opening an arts space, getting involved in the circus/cabaret world, and finding some Medicine Men to train under.

In the weeks before then, I'll be teaching in Madrid and wandering the UK and trying up all the loose ends I can. The really crazy thing was getting to EAAC and realizing that this time last year, I was teaching there and beginning my new life in Scotland. This year, I'm saying goodbye and moving on to something new.

The big things I want to talk about can't be talked about. Yet. But they're big. And I'm really excited. And you should be too.

Watch this space. Because Monday, September 17th, this shiz gets real.


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