Thursday, May 31, 2012

Travelogue : Goodbye Glasgow

Hey loves,

This is gonna be short and sweet because my taxi's here in six hours and, oh yeah, I need to sleep within that time period.

I gave myself three full days to catch up on things before heading out and--surprise--that didn't really happen. I got all the important things done--said hello/goodbye to most people, packed all my stuff. But of course, there are loose ends.

Long story short, tomorrow I fly to Norway. That's pretty much all I know right now. Our friendly circus family is picking up my travel-companion Adam and I from the train station. We'll then be given a tour of the 'circus village.' And the next day we'll be traveling around promoting the event. If you have costumes, bring them! ...we'll just settle for a mask and the 'Circus Freak' shirts I designed. I can't imagine Swarovski would travel well.

And yeah. That's honestly the last definite plan I have.
One way ticket to Norway.
17 days of scheduled volunteering to provide room and board.
[ be determined...]
Back to Glasgow by July 21st.

Oh yes, world. Let's go exploring.


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