Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Travelogue : Glamsterdam

Hello loves,

I have half an hour of wifi to update you on the past few weeks of travel adventures, so allow me to be brief and stick to sharing through photos (link at the end).

The trip was fantastic. Four days of aerial, good food/coffee, beautiful scenery. It was my first time in mainland Europe, and it definitely fueled my desire to travel even more. We wandered through the park, the Red Light District, had a show and photoshoots and generally behaved like rockstars. Even our hostel was perfect--private rooms and a breakfast buffet and a view on the park.

I hadn't expected much of Amsterdam, I'll be honest. I only expected seedy alleyways and prostitutes. And yet, even the notorious Red Light district was beautiful and clean. Our practice space was an old cinema school turned squat turned art space, complete with gorgeous graffiti and its own restaurant bar. What was more, Amsterdam seemed full of the health-conscious. Everyone rode bicycles, the food was locally sourced or organic or homemade, and people were going for runs at every hour of the day. Even while there on an aerial bootcamp, I felt the desire to fit in and be healthier.

I think one of the reasons the place seemed so clean and safe was the fact that so much is legal there. Crime is low, vandalism and theft seem practically non existent. It's almost like the legalization of so much allows people to blow off steam safely and continue on with their daily lives in a wholesome way.

It gave me a lot to think about and a lot to look forward to going back to. But I'll let you look at the pics and see for yourself.


Penny said...

Beautiful photo set!!! I'm very jealous.

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