Thursday, April 26, 2012

Beauty Heals 2 : Jump

I suppose I should start with this: things are happening. Things I hadn't expected, hadn't dreamed of. The moment I decided to step out the door, my life began to change.

Now, this isn't to say that things are making any more sense. I still have no clue 'what happens next.' All I know is, in a week I fly to Amsterdam to teach circus arts. The next week I head to a holistic retreat up north to volunteer. And the first of June, I fly to Norway to volunteer/teach/train at a sort of circus gathering. After that? I have no clue. I might travel down through Europe, over to Nepal, then back to Wales/England. Iceland. Maybe not. All I know is, I'm bringing you with me.

The very thought fills me with butterflies. How do I plan for a trip that has no real shape?
So much of this trip (Scotland and the upcoming journey) has been about battling expectations. Giving up control.


like jumping in this bouncy replica of Stonehenge

I try to make decisions like this: what is the biggest risk?
Once I figure that out, I take the risk.

Obviously, in a (moderately) sane way. I don't go down the darkest alleys or drive blindfolded. Instead, I look at my options and decide which will take me furthest out of my comfort zone. What will shake up my life the most? And then--as much as that small, sane voice in me hates it--I take the option with the least security and the most potential.

It doesn't work for everyone, and it definitely doesn't work for every situation. But for all those times when everything seems monotonous and life is one big rut, it's the best way to shake things up. It's the most surefire way to learn more about your world and how you fit (or want to fit) into it.

So, what are the ways your life has grown stale? What are the ways you could shake it up and enter new, exciting territory?
Even taking a different street in your current locale can lead to new exciting things...

a fountain near Glasgow Green

according to legend, this birch tree was cursed--thus the odd shape.

one of many houses on the Pollok estate

giant. fuzzy. highland coos!

That said, there's one very important aspect of every outward journey:
coming back and reflecting.

And the best way to do that?



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