Friday, January 13, 2012

YA Rebels & WebFic

Hey everyone!

It's been a wild few weeks as I've tried to integrate back into life in the UK.  New projects have been going up like mad and even newer ones are just beginning.  Let's just say I've had to update my 'plate of work' to a buffet table.  Exciting. :)

To make things a little more streamlined, I've decided it was high time I started syncing my Rebels videos with this blog.  So, in case you missed it on Youtube, here it is!

I'm also pleased to announce that the next installment of my serial web fic, 'Academy,' is live over at Fear The Hunted.  Just click the happy blood-splattered link below.

And now, because it's time to go do some work and/or cook for friends, I leave you with this question:
What do you want to see me blog about?

Art? Writing? Circus? Travel? Deep life thoughts?
You decide. :)


experienciasespanolas said...

Writing! Travel! And deep thoughts! Please!

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