Friday, December 16, 2011

The Ivy Gate : Available now!

Good morning everyone!

It's just past 7AM and I awoke to some great news...The Ivy Gate finished its conversion and is now available for sale!

Just click the picture below to be taken to the Smashwords site.  (It will soon be available on Amazon, B&N, etc)

And, a holiday treat to my loyal internet fans friends, if you use coupon code AA33R before Dec 30th (I see this as a chance to test out that new EReader you're gonna get) you get the whole book for free!

And if that wasn't enough the book ALSO includes a bonus: the first chapter of Martyr, so you can have everything in one place.

Please make sure to read, share, and enjoy.  If you feel moved to leave some feedback on any of the book reviewing sites, including Goodreads, well, that'd make my holiday.


Anonymous said...

I am thrillled to own a copy of your book, The Ivy Gate and to be reading your intriguing story on my kindle fire. Bea's cover is exquisite. I am ready to read more now that my students are on vacation. Bravo and anxious for the next one to be done.
Arica J

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