Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cover Reveal! And more!

Today's been a busy day.  My first full day at home and I have:

  • Chatted with my amazing agent, Laurie, and devised a plan of attack.
  • Received an Xmas present from Laurie.  (I haven't opened it but there are chocolates on the outside. WIN)
  • Purchased a new domain.  (
  • Spent a few hours modifying the first novel I wrote for E-Pub.
  • Made a book cover for said novel.  Deleted it.
  • Plotted out a graphic novel that Bea and I are making.  (Oh, I never mentioned the amazing graphic novel we're doing, the one that follows the twins before they meet Tenn?  Surprise!)
  • Plotted out a short story (for those wanting more romance, it's how Tenn and Jarrett meet.  I am excited to write this!)
  • Received a cover from Beatrice.  I was blown away.
I still have to:
  • Wait for the book to be formatted through Smashwords.  (It should be done tomorrow.  As soon as it is available, you will know.)
  • Shoot my YARebels Vlog.
  • Do something that doesn't involve staring at my computer.
But before I do all that, well
I think you should see the amazing cover Beatrice designed.

dear world.  in 2012, I am taking you by storm.
I hope you are prepared.

Keep an eye on the Goodreads site here!  


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I want this book like Jacob wants that baby.

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