Friday, December 23, 2011

Looking for a cheap and awesome holiday gift?

Not to plug my own goods,
but allow me to plug my own goods!

THE IVY GATE is getting rave reviews from fans, and is still being offered for free at Smashwords, using coupon code AA33R.  But hurry, the offer ends on Dec 30th!

Also available at

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Ivy Gate : Available now!

Good morning everyone!

It's just past 7AM and I awoke to some great news...The Ivy Gate finished its conversion and is now available for sale!

Just click the picture below to be taken to the Smashwords site.  (It will soon be available on Amazon, B&N, etc)

And, a holiday treat to my loyal internet fans friends, if you use coupon code AA33R before Dec 30th (I see this as a chance to test out that new EReader you're gonna get) you get the whole book for free!

And if that wasn't enough the book ALSO includes a bonus: the first chapter of Martyr, so you can have everything in one place.

Please make sure to read, share, and enjoy.  If you feel moved to leave some feedback on any of the book reviewing sites, including Goodreads, well, that'd make my holiday.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cover Reveal! And more!

Today's been a busy day.  My first full day at home and I have:

  • Chatted with my amazing agent, Laurie, and devised a plan of attack.
  • Received an Xmas present from Laurie.  (I haven't opened it but there are chocolates on the outside. WIN)
  • Purchased a new domain.  (
  • Spent a few hours modifying the first novel I wrote for E-Pub.
  • Made a book cover for said novel.  Deleted it.
  • Plotted out a graphic novel that Bea and I are making.  (Oh, I never mentioned the amazing graphic novel we're doing, the one that follows the twins before they meet Tenn?  Surprise!)
  • Plotted out a short story (for those wanting more romance, it's how Tenn and Jarrett meet.  I am excited to write this!)
  • Received a cover from Beatrice.  I was blown away.
I still have to:
  • Wait for the book to be formatted through Smashwords.  (It should be done tomorrow.  As soon as it is available, you will know.)
  • Shoot my YARebels Vlog.
  • Do something that doesn't involve staring at my computer.
But before I do all that, well
I think you should see the amazing cover Beatrice designed.

dear world.  in 2012, I am taking you by storm.
I hope you are prepared.

Keep an eye on the Goodreads site here!  

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New England

I don't want to go on about being back in a place that was, once, home.  It would sound too nostalgic when in fact, I'm really feeling quite centered, quite content.  I'm happy with the choices I've made, even though they've brought me away from this place and the handful of people that made it home.

I've had coffee and talked Books with Holly B, watched crap movies with my friend, I've had tea and sandwiches at a tea shop in Greenfield and wandered the snow-covered maple woods of Bart's home.  We've visited bookstores, made soup, and even found a seed for a new book I hope to work on.  I've been fighting off a headcold.  Today, I think I'm winning.

I don't know what changed in the last few weeks, but I've found that there's always something to be grateful for, something to make me feel thoroughly blessed.  Even if it's just the color of the lights in a passing building, or a cup of really nice Chai, or finally, finally riding once more in a pickup truck, navigating the back roads of Massachusetts.  I'm thankful for this place, and for Glasgow, and for every step in between.

As we reach the darkest day of the year, what are the things that bring you light?  What are you truly grateful for, both large and small?  It's amazing how enjoying the little things makes tackling the big difficulties so much easier.