Sunday, November 6, 2011

How I spend my time with friends.

So the other night, a few friends and I--after a nice dinner and a bottle of wine (shared, not one each)--were inspired to take photographs of each other, and then photoshop them.  We did a few different series, one was a sort of hipster-Hallmark card with true-to-life class quotes.  The other was just us being nerdy writers.

Since I don't know if they want to be shared with teh interwebz, I'll just post the nerdy writer one of me.
For now.

Once I have internet at the flat I plan on putting up some chain pics and shots from Halloween.  Multimedia/internet-appreciation week, here we come!


seibslikefeebs said...

Not really all that nerdy. Completely adorable! Never a boring moment with you. Plz tell your inner child to show us fireworks pics, k? Can't even wait to see your flexibility on chains!!!!!

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