Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Travelogue Two, Teaser Tuesday (on a Wednesday) and other updates

Hello lovelies,
As we learned from last week's Rebel video, I procrastinate.  A lot.  Or rather, I use work to procrastinate the other work I should be doing.  Which means all the photos I've been taking have piled up, along with all the things I want to share, and I think that's prologue enough.

So, I've been busy.  Like, procrastinating-work-by-working-on-side-projects busy.  Which is great, seeing as I've been relatively unemployed and bored the last few months of my life.  BUT! It's a switch, and in the slow times I feel nostalgic for New England and slow mornings of homemade lattes and breakfast with a good friend.  I've been meeting new people and being social and working and reading great new books and looking at writing from all new angles.  (The switch from reading as a reader to reading as an editor is TERRIFYINGLY INSIGHTFUL.)  Life is AMAZING!  But I still miss people, and I think that's okay.

Let's begin with this week's Teaser, which, due to my new schedule, might need to be moved to Wednesday from now on.  Help me think of a good title? Wicked Wednesdays?
This is coming from Academy, one of Claire's entries.  She's out at training when one of her "day terrors" takes over.


 We had a water break and while I was coming back to the grounds it hit, another fucking day terror. At first I didn't even notice it: I felt the tingle, the small ache in my head. But nothing changed. I thought it had passed. I kept walking and then realized that the place was empty. I couldn't hear anyone, and there was no one near the Fire grounds. I started freaking out, thought maybe I'd missed where we were supposed to go next. I walked up to the Fire building and was about to look inside when I heard something crunching up the gravel behind me. I turned, and there was a...thing on the path. It looked like a human, but it was covered in blood and the air around it was black, like was sucking in all life. Purple eyes. His head was cocked to one side like a puppet.
He raised an arm toward me and opened his mouth, but the sound that came out was like breaking glass and crashing waves and blood spilling down cement: all these horrible images going through my head. I screamed, I know I did. Because the next thing I know Professor Dmitri is holding my arms and asking me what's wrong.
Vision over.


So yeah, there's that.

And now, I think it's time for more pictures, don't you?

Until next time!


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