Thursday, October 6, 2011

Travelogue Three : Sharmanka


Well, my friends, it is perhaps the coolest thing you will ever see.  Nestled in the Tron--an amazing art space in Glasgow's Merchant City--this installation (half show, half museum) features colossal sculptures made of old sewing machines, animal bones, and everything in-between.  Check out the website above for their full history--it's quite incredible.

I took some pictures of the sculptures/self-contained-shows (aka 'kinemats').  And by some, I mean a lot.  And they were impossible to capture in stills because they were moving! And the lights changed and there was music and every second something different was happening!  So I can't choose which photos to upload.

So you get all of them.
If they capture one-tenth of the craziness and emotion of each piece, my work is done.

if you double click, you can go to the site to see them full size.  Well worth it for the detail.

If you ever get to Glasgow, spend some time in the Merchant City, especially Trongate and Castleriggs.  I know that's where I'll be haunting a lot more.


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