Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Write what you know...

...or, Why I'm growing more and more hesitant about this whole 'Academy' project.

As you may or may not know, I've begun working on an interactive, multi-media standalone project for the Hunter Series.  Basic premise: a collection of diary entries and articles from a girl who attended the Academy right before the world ends.  Exciting, yeh?  I get to make stationery and interactive quizzes and such.
But then it gets dangerous.

Because the project is hitting really close to home.  Rather than avoiding this, I'm steering it right into the heart of the beast.  I went to boarding school in the middle of the woods the last two years of high school.  It was for art, not magic, but it's providing the framework for this entire project: the loneliness and isolation, the loss or seeming betrayal of close friends.  The thrill of being someplace new and terrifying, standing on the verge of graduation and life.  At boarding school, when the rest of the world is locked away, everything is much more intense than normal life.  For a teenager, that's like a pressure-cooker of hormones and emotion.  SCARY.  And then we add in magic, and the apocalypse, and vampyres?  I can't even imagine.  Well, I can...

The frightening part is how easy it is to get into the head of my MC, how simple to sink back into over-flowery prose of too much, too soon, and no way to avoid it.

It will get even weirder when I start trying to incorporate visual elements, like photographs (think I can use my own photos, or should I make them up?) and hand-written love notes.

Weirder still will be the eventual devolution of the MC and the story, when entries become clipped or scribbled over or torn out.  Because yesterday, I realized something terrifying:
I'm basically writing House of Leaves for a YA audience.

This doesn't bode well for my sanity.


Dawn Kurtagich said...

Well, it sounds awesome to me. And now that you've mentioned HoL, you have a lot to live up to! :D
Sounds a little like Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children too.
Keep us updated!

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