Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Update. Sort of.

I realize that it's been a while since I updated, or maybe it just feels like that.  Somehow a weekend has come and gone and now it's technically Monday.

It's been a nice, slow few days here in Glasgow.  Nothing new on the publishing front which bodes neither good nor bad, but I will admit, I check my email every ten minutes just in case.  The one perk of this is that my firing rate for email responses is quite high.

The list of things I should be doing grows a bit higher by the day and I'm regaining that feeling I always had in college and boarding school--too much work and no time to do it in.  Though really, the pile is quite small and it's all things I love doing.  (I have to read this awesome fiction?  I have to go teach circus so I can get paid?)  I just set my personal expectations a few notches higher.  Have you noticed that I overwork?

All that said, I'm convincing myself that this is the week where everything good happens and I'll get a brief respite:
I'll find a flat and start feeling settled.
I'll get an offer from a really amazing publishing house.  Or multiple houses.  Because I AM GREEDY.
I will go out dancing.  Or on a date.  Or something.

If nothing else, I'll read and write and pick a day to wander into the hills.

If one really awesome thing could happen to you this week, what would it be?


5764f536-e253-11e0-8826-000bcdcb471e said...

To find out that The Living End, Green Day, and HIM are going on tour together. But that won't happen. But I can dream!

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