Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Teaser Tuesday : Take a Test

Hello lovelies,

I truly wish I could tell you all the amazing things happenings behind the curtain on this side of the pond, but Alas!  I am bound to secrecy.  Needless to say it may involve the number thirteen and my agent being Wonder Woman in disguise.  And a lot of work between now and, er, tomorrow afternoon.

Needless to say, I've been busy and bouncy, what with a weekend of circus and tons of wind and rain and a potential Halloween/Cabaret circus act involving This Song and chains hanging from the ceiling.  YES!

Not to mention the fact that my first workshop assignment for grad school is DUE TOMORROW.

So tonight's teaser is truly that--a snippet of what's to come.  Now, I just need to find a good website/software to make this a proper, interactive test.  Thoughts?


Ashley and Stephanie said...

Me: "You are SO BRAVE for taking the first workshop assignment."
You: "They assigned it to me."
Me: "Oh"
Haha ;)

A. R. Kahler said...

I should change my story. It's like when I broke my arm in a tickle fight and couldn't think of a better tale...

Ashley and Stephanie said...

Remind me to never challenge you to a tickle fight ... haha. If I was in your workshop group I'd stick up for you. But I'm not. So you're screwed ... ;)

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