Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Project!

All right guys, I just can't wait until Teaser Tuesday.  My mind has been racing the past few days, putting together alternative ways to tell a story.  And so, I present you my latest project: Academy.

For those of you keeping tabs on the Hunter series, this project takes part outside of the main timeline, but within the world.  And because I'm a masochist always pushing myself as a writer, well, the format's a bit different.  You'll see.

I may also be posting a few bits here and there for input, because, er, I'm presenting this at our first postgrad workshop.  (I cannot wait for the reactions... generally speaking, I'm the only YA writer in the bunch)

Welcome to the Academy.


Laurie McLean said...

OMG, Alex. I can totally see this taking shape before my eyes. And it's the perfect project to work on as you get your MFA. Pushing the boundaries of the new publishing paradigm: video, games, apps, books, viral social media happenings. You da man, brudda!

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