Friday, September 2, 2011


So today was my first full day in Glasgow, which feels very strange.  Until I have a place of my own it feels like being a tourist at home--living from a suitcase, wafting around with other people's schedules.  The accent's sinking back in which is quite exciting.  Sadly, I filmed my YARebels vlog before I got here.  (If you haven't watched it, you should.  Actually, I'm not certain as I edited the night before leaving and haven't had the nerve to watch it all the way through since.)  Oh, and I'm currently trying to convince my Scottish friend to let me borrow his kilt.  I'm sure if you all voiced your support, he'd cave.

Went for a walk through my old areas last night, which was incredible.  They say that scent carries more emotional impact than any other sense, and I'd believe it.  Even just sitting in the terminal in London, the different colognes that scream "UK" made my head swim.

The switch hasn't been seamless--a lot of little setbacks.  But let's just not get into that.
Tonight, we're watching "Easy A" and drinking these. 

dirty Hendricks martinis, anyone?

Yes, those are bendy straws.


Annie said...

Helllooo, the bendy straws are the best part! Well, maybe not the best part. I would love to hound your friend to get u into a kilt! Hounding is a special skill of mine, as u know. of course, i'm gonna want a picture of that. ;) btw-ur video was superb. good topic, well said, and in the dark! Also, u have very shiny white teeth, which i enjoyed!

A. R. Kahler said...

Thanks Annie! That's one vote for "yes kilt!" let's see if I can get any more. :)

VCT said...

You make me so nostalgic for Europe! I have still yet to take on Ireland, and my last trip to Scotland and England was simply a poor excuse of a tease. Please sir, please tell me some more!

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