Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Teaser Tuesday : THE BIG REVEAL(S)

Let's just forego the intro, shall we?  Cuz this post is a doozy.

Today, I can officially announce that I am represented by Laurie McLean at Larsen-Pomada Literary Agents.
So let's talk about that for a moment.

They say that the relationship between an author and an agent is an important one.  It's special, because in addition to being business partners, you're in it for the long haul.
As a writer, your agent can be the one you turn to for advice, fires-under-your-ass, and a shoulder on which you bemoan your failings as a human being.  You should have an agent who is an ally, a friend.
Of course, you don't have to have that relationship; it can be strictly business.  There are many amazing agents who have one thought on their mind: selling your book for as much profit as possible.  It's just business.  But I wanted more than that.

When I first found Laurie's profile, I felt that little click.  I knew as I wrote my query letter that she was the one.  No joke.  I just hoped she saw that as well.

A few days later she wrote me back.  Said she loved the manuscript, but wasn't ready to offer representation.  Yet.  She offered to do something no agent does: she called me and talked over these revisions.  For an hour.  And with a 2 week deadline, I immediately got to work.  When I sent her the revision (which was basically a rewrite) I hoped for the best and expected the worst.  I had over a week to wait, a life to pack into my car, and a lot of loose ends to tie up.  So when she emailed me two days later, I thought, oh, shit, well, she didn't even get the chance to read the whole thing before realizing it sucked.

I'll admit, it wasn't how I thought I'd get an offer of representation.  I've been trying for years, and I always expected some champagne and a lot of tears.  Instead, it was 8 at night and I was repainting my room so I could leave the next morning.  Email title: "Wow."  The text: "Just finished the rewrite. I am in awe of your talent. You have created brilliance. And I would be honored to offer you representation. If you want a literary agent, I’m yours."  I read that email five times before I sent back a confirmation, saying she could call that night, because I needed something to get me through the next 24 hours of packing and goodbyes and driving.

I won't go into that phone call.  It's too much self-gratification for right now, but let's just say that in all my years of writing, in all the classes I've taken and crit groups I've been through, I've never, once, had someone speak so highly of my work.  Not only of the words on the page, but my progress through the revision/rewrite and my dedication to the craft.  I was stunned.

Not to mention her plan of attack.  I don't think I said this, but, she's already beginning to pitch this to editors. Apparently the revision was that good.

When I first moved to Massachusetts last November, my goal was to take big strides in my writing career.  I moved there a nobody.  I walked away as the once-assistant to two of the biggest names in my field, a new YA Rebel, and under the wing of an agent I respect and admire more than I could possibly say.  Finally, all that hard work is paying off.

Wait, YA Rebel?  SPEAKING OF!
There's the not-so-little matter of THIS.
So yeah, every Friday you get to watch me talk.  And clearly, that's something I lurve to do.
This is an AMAZING group of people that I'm already completely in love with.  Being a part of them is an honor.

Now, two weeks to sunbathe and relax before moving 'home' to Scotland.

Did I mention I have an agent?


Annie said...

Since i've congratulated you a zillion times, i'll get to it. I read the revised beginning of Martyr and have to say it is much more descriptive of the sphere situation and how they work. The first time I read, I told myself, "you'll figure out what the deal is with them as you read, give it some time." I couldn't quite picture what would be happening in a person's body and therefore on the outside of them when tuning into one of the five spheres. The rewrite is much clearer and descriptive. I get a picture of them immediately. I have to agree with your agent!

P.S. This page looks awesome and I LOVE your new avatar. but i do miss the purple orb. :(

A. R. Kahler said...

Thank you!!! I'm really glad you enjoyed the rewrites. And of course, the zillion congrats made my day. :)

Rick said...

Congratulations again, Alex (on ALL of it)! Sounds like you've had one hell of a year.

Love the new blog, loved the YA Rebels competition, love all the good news coming folks' way right now. Keep it up!

Also, you're shiny and I'm glad we're friends.

Amelia said...

Yay Alex! Congratulations AGAIN :) I've known you'd make it since reading Ivy Gate so many years ago. Also, watched your YA Rebels audition and loved it - can't wait for the vlogs.

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