Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Airport Updates

Soo lovely people
I bring this to you in Moline Airport, one of the few airports I know of with FREE WIFI.
Now that all the difficult things (packing, saying goodbye) are done it's 16 hours of sitting around, carrying a bunch of heavy bags and one katana-shaped umbrella that was too big to fit in my checked bags.  So far security hasn't cared, but I doubt Heathrow will have a sense of humor.

Next stop, Chicago.  Then London.  Then Glasgow!  I have a stack of books to get me through the journey (thanks Laurie and Bart!) and the promise of delicious vegetarian airline food for dinner.

My whole "Wicked Wednesday" teaser didn't work out either, and it may be a few more days before I'm able to get it sorted.  Hopefully next week.

Wish me luck on all this flight nonsense.  I'll see y'all on the other side of the pond.
(Yes, I promise pictures)


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